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gonzalo profesor


Co-founder of Spanishclasseslive and super teacher.

Hello! My name is Gonzalo and I am from Granada. I lived there for 24 years, grew up and studied English as a Foreign Language pedagogy. Also trained as an ELE teacher and as a DELE examiner at all levels. For almost 8 years I have been living in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, where I have worked as a Spanish teacher with children and teenagers, in private schools and at the Instituto Cervantes in Warsaw.

My motto is “there is no better way to learn than having fun” 🙂

Love soccer, both watching and playing it, learning languages and getting to know new cultures, cooking, dancing, singing flamenco and acting.

Fran profesor


Co-founder of Spanishclasseslive and super teacher.

Hello! I’m Fran and I’m from Elche, a city very close to Alicante. In 2015, just when I finished my degree in History at the University of Alicante, I moved to Poland to do pedagogical studies and several training courses for ELE teachers of expert level organized by the Instituto Cervantes and also to achieve the DELE examiner certificates for all levels.

I have worked as a Spanish teacher in a Primary and Secondary School in Warsaw (Poland) and at Cervantes Institute in the same city.

I am a soccer fan and a History lover. I love spending time in the with my friends and family, but most of all teaching Spanish while having fun.



Co-founder of Spanishclasseslive and Marketing Director.

Hello! I’m Jesael and I’m from the Canary Islands, Gran Canaria. Today, thanks to my desire to improve and have new experiences, I live in Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

I have been trained in Marketing and I have a master’s degree in Digital Marketing.
I have worked in different companies in my life but currently, as a co-founder of Spanishclasseslive, I am living the dream of being part of this super project.

My family, time with friends, sports, learning new things and a good time in the sun on the beach are some of the things I value most in life.



Academy Superteacher.

Hello! My name is Cinthia and I am from Gran Canaria. In 2018 I graduated in Spanish Language and Hispanic Literatures in Gran Canaria and in 2019 I finished my Master’s Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language in Madrid.

After my Erasmus experience in 2015 in Poland, I discovered the world of teaching your own language to foreigners and how interesting this could be. Working as a teaching assistant at the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest determined my future, until now. Since then, I have trained as a DELE examiner and I have been doing what I love: teaching Spanish to foreigners. I am currently living in Madrid, where I am working on my doctoral thesis on Cuban poetry.

I am fascinated by literature and art. In my free time I write poetry and also paint pictures. I also like to cook for my family and friends.



Academy Superteacher.

Hello! My name is Elena and I’m from Granada. I studied History of Art in my city and then I went to England to improve my English and to work. When I came back, I did a Master’s degree in Education at the University of Cadiz and trained as a Spanish teacher.

I have experience at all levels and I am currently completing the DELE examiner courses at the Instituto Cervantes. In addition, I have the official tourist guide accreditation in three languages: Spanish, English and Italian.

I love sharing my language and culture, photography, art, learning continuously, spending time with family and friends, and meeting people from different countries.



Cognitive grammar specialist teacher trainer

Hi! I’m Rafa, and although I’m from Úbeda, the land of olive oil, I’ve been living in Granada, the land of my dreams, since I started as an ELE teacher back in 2000 in CastiLa, a wonderful school accredited by the Cervantes Institute in front of the Alhambra. Now I am the academic director and responsible for teacher training. Although I’m not much for labels, some teachers and students call me: “the magician of grammar” and that represents very well my great passion: Cognitive grammar and its application to our classes to make our lives easier every day.

I tell them that it is not magic, it is cognitive grammar.

My 5 year old daughter Lucía, her mummy, a good book, writing, cinema, playing football and spending time in good company fill my life with moments to smile every day.

Eli foto


Superteacher and digital marketing specialist

Hello! My name is Elisa and, although I was born and raised in Madrid, I have been living abroad for the last few years. I currently live in Warsaw, Poland, where I work as a Spanish teacher.

In 2009 I graduated in Audiovisual Communication and for many years I helped different companies to enhance their brand through advertising. In 2019 I decided to give a turn to my professional career and started to train as a Spanish teacher with the master’s degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language at UNIR. I also decided to take all the courses as a DELE trainer at the Instituto Cervantes in Warsaw where I currently also teach Spanish.

I know it’s the typical thing that everyone says but I love to travel and learn about other cultures. That’s why I enjoy being an online Spanish teacher so much as it allows me to meet students from all over the world and help them to achieve their goals. I hope to meet you soon!



Academy Superteacher.

My name is Ramón. I was born in the city of palm trees, Elche, but life has taken me through different paths. My last destination was the city of Copernicus, where I work as a Spanish teacher since 2013.

I have always loved writing, from novels to television scripts. I love to create new stories, I enjoy like a child giving life to my imagination.

I am a very curious person, I love meeting people and learning new things. Having students from different countries gives me the opportunity to learn about their cultures and surprise me every day. For some years now I have been preparing candidates for the different levels of the DELE exam. Every student is completely different, so I have to adapt to their needs, it’s impossible to get bored with this job!



Teacher trainer specialized in DELE

Hello! I’m Ernesto Puertas, a staff teacher at Instituto Cervantes since 2007, currently holding the position of Head of DELE at the IC in Warsaw.

I have a European PhD in Hispanic Philology from the UNED and I have had the opportunity to teach in several academic institutions, such as the Universities of La Rioja (Spain) and Tampere (Finland), as well as being a guest lecturer in the Master of Didactics at the University of Oran (Algeria) and in the Master of Romance Philology at the University of Latvia.

As director of the “Master in Didactics for teachers of Spanish Language and Culture in Foreign Educational Centers” of the University of La Rioja Foundation, and coordinator of the virtual platform LICEUS for the Master of Alcalá de Henares for the training of Spanish Teachers, I have had the opportunity to train E/LE teachers in various European educational centers.

In addition, I have the honor of being a member of the editorial board of the journal electrónicos.



Academy Superteacher.

Hello! My name is Melisa, I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I currently live in the city of Valencia.

Initially I trained and worked in the Human Resources area, but then I found my true passion: teaching Spanish. I have completed several training courses as an ELE teacher and a Master in Teaching Spanish at the University of Cadiz.

Since then, I have been teaching my language to students from all over the world. I love teaching not only the language, but also the culture, history and geography, and at the same time learning about my students’ culture.
I am very curious!

In my free time I like to read, play the guitar and spend time at the beach or in the mountains with my friends.
the beach or in the mountains with my friends.

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Academy Superteacher.

Hi! I’m Marina and, as my name says, I come from the sea. I was born and raised in Barbate, a fishing village in the south of Andalusia, so far south that you can see Africa from the coast!

In 2012 I came to Seville to study and here I stayed. I graduated in Humanities because of my eagerness for cultures, history and the Spanish language; I was also part of a historical archive for two years, there I worked directly with original medieval documents! But I didn’t want to stay between papers and I decided to change of scenery. I became accredited as a Spanish teacher (ELE) in 2018, since then I have not stopped teaching my language and sharing curiosities. Yes, I love the linguistic, historical, cultural curiosities of Spain and Andalusia; I’m always looking for the origins of words and expressions.

But not everything is work, I also love cats, taking care of my plants and going out for tapas in good company.

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Jennifer Niño

Teacher trainer specializing in resource creation.

Hello! My name is Jennifer Niño and I started my education with a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting (Spanish, English and German). I have a Master’s degree in Romance Studies: Cultural Contacts and Communication (Spanish and Italian). I am an active researcher and creator with more than 14 years of experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. I have worked as a teacher of ELE and DAF in various contexts in Germany: teenagers, university students and adults. I have collaborated with different projects in the ELE world related to the creation of materials, digital tools and Cognitive Linguistics.

I am an active blogger; I create materials for teaching and learning Spanish (profe-de-espanol.de) and German (das-sprachenlabor.de). As a trainer, I have focused on the use of digital tools, e-learning and the creation of visual and interactive materials. I have collaborated with different publishers in the ELE world, ELE International, among others. I am currently working at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne, Germany, and I have an online teaching project for Spanish and German.

If you give me the choice between buying books and going to buy new pants, I’m sorry, but I’ll definitely choose books. As a child I didn’t have many and that’s why they are now my elixir. They have taught me to be self-taught. My son Emilio has given me the desire to illustrate children’s books, so I go around from time to time, drawing and writing about magical beings or animals that give life lessons.



Academy Superteacher.

Hi! I’m Miquel, born in Barcelona, although life has taken me almost all over the world. I currently live in the Canary Islands, a paradise near Africa, full of volcanoes, lizards and turquoise sea.

I studied theology and specialized in human rights, mediation and culture of peace. After working for several years in international cooperation, I trained as a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language and since then I make my classes a place of encounter, mutual learning and fun.

I love theater, clowning, music, meditation and starry skies.

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Academy Superteacher. DELE exam preparation specialist.

Hi! My name is Joaquín and I am from the beautiful city of Granada. I studied Art History, but destiny led me to visit Aguascalientes (Mexico) and then Pádova (Italy). I completed the Master’s Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE) and trained as a Spanish teacher. In addition, I have been a DELE examiner at the Cervantes Institute since 2019. My passions are art, literature and board games. I also like to know new places and cultures. My biggest dream would be to travel around the world, although I would always return to my favorite place; Grenade. I work as a Spanish and art history teacher at a Secondary Education Institute in Padova. I always teach my students Spanish and its culture with passion. What to say, I love it! Shall I tell you a secret about myself? I am a great fan of monumental cemeteries. No, don’t be scared, I love visiting them for their art, knowing their stories and being able to enjoy taking a walk through them.

foto alba


Academy Superteacher.

¡Hello! I am Alba. I was born in León, I grew up in a small town in Galicia and after living in different wonderful cities, I now live in Belfast (Northern Ireland).

Primary school teacher by profession and language lover. My dream was to be a teacher abroad and there I began my career as an ELE teacher in Warsaw. I recently graduated from the Master’s Degree in Spanish and English as Foreign Languages (ELE and EFL). I love to learn and teach languages in a fun way, with humor, games, music and technology. Are you in?

In my free time, I love to try new hobbies, skate, travel, meet new cultures and their cuisine. By the way, I’m also a geek of arrowords and puns.

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