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Why take an intensive Spanish course in Alicante?

Alicante is a port city bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, located in the Valencian Community and one of the most important tourist destinations in Spain.

Alicante had a strong Arab presence, which can still be felt today in the city.

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What does the experience of learning Spanish in Alicante include?

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Assured certification. At the end of the Spanish courses in Spain you will obtain a certified certificate.

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Learn more about Alicante

The Plaza del Ayuntamiento, a must-see if you’re strolling through the historic centre of the city. The architecture is impressive and you can also see a dancing fountain.

The Castle of Santa Bárbara, on top of the Benantil mountain, is one of the most iconic places in Alicante, a Moorish castle that was built in the 9th century. During the Spanish Civil War it was used as a prison. If you want to see one of the best sunsets in Alicante, this is the place for you. Also, if you look closely, the part of the mountain where the castle is located is known as “the face of the Moor” as it has a human shape.

To get to Santa Bárbara Castle, you can walk through the Santa Cruz neighbourhood, one of the most picturesque in the city. Its narrow streets are lined with bars and white buildings laden with flowers. Within this neighbourhood you can find the Co-cathedral of San Nicolás, built in what used to be a former Arab mosque. It is considered the most famous religious temple in the city.

Don’t forget to stroll along the famous Esplanade of Spain, famous for its more than 6 million mosaics in the shape of waves, and get to the beautiful Casa Carbonell with its modernist style.

Another place to enjoy a stroll is the Port area. You can have a drink in one of its bars and enjoy the sunset with your friends.

If after this stop you fancy a boat trip, we recommend that you visit the island of Tabarca. This is the only inhabited island in the whole of the Valencian Community. This small archipelago has three islets: La Cantera, La Nao and La Galera. Once there, you can visit the churches of San Pablo and San Pedro, or simply enjoy the beach. You can’t leave without eating caldero (a meal consisting of two dishes: one of fish and the other of rice) in the Gloria Restaurant.

In Alicante there are many dishes with rice as the main ingredient, such as arroz a banda (rice with fish and seafood) or arroz con costra (rice with crust). You can’t leave without trying Alicante paella. There are many varieties, but they all have one thing in common. This is the salmorreta, in other words, the sofrito in which the rice is then sautéed. Salmorreta alicantina is made with tomato, garlic, parsley and ñoras (small red peppers that are dried in the sun).

Mistela is an alcoholic drink made by adding alcohol to grape must. Herbs and fruit peel can be added.

And last but not least, you must try the turrón de Jijona. Turron is the most popular food in Alicante (and the whole country) at Christmas. In the case of turrón de Jijona, it is made with almonds and honey.

If an alicantino tells you “Achavo el calor que hace”, the word “achavo” means “wow”, and is one of the most used interjections in Alicante.

“Chopar” to say “soaked”, a “estufido” is an expression of anger. A “menfostime” is a person who doesn’t care about anything, and comes from the Valencian “me’n fot” which means “I’m indifferent”. The potatoes in a bag are called “patatíbiris” and the shelves are “las lejas”.

You can’t miss Las Hogueras de San Juan, Alicante’s official festival, which takes place from 20 to 24 June. They celebrate the arrival of summer and were listed as a Festival of International Tourist Interest and Intangible Cultural Interest in 2013.

During these days Alicante is filled with light and colour. The streets smell of gunpowder and there are mascletás (firecracker shows) all over the city, fairs, open-air dances, bonfires, evenings on the beach and musical concerts.

The bonfires are wooden, cork and cardboard structures that represent current affairs and express criticism. On 19 June, the plantá takes place, which is the moment when the different bonfires are placed in the street. On the last day, 24 June, at 12 midnight, the bonfires are burnt.

The May Crosses in the Santa Cruz neighbourhood are celebrated at the end of April and beginning of May, the locals decorate their streets with crosses and flowers, and a competition is held to award a prize for the most beautiful cross.

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